I woke up early that Saturday because I was excited to go out on a real date. He was coming with energy that I liked, so you can imagine how happy I was to actually be doing something other than “chilling”. Saturday was cleaning day, in or out of uni, so I cleaned my entire room and ensuite shower before getting ready. I don’t know if this is the same for anyone else, but in Nigerian households in particular GIRLS, you weren’t allowed to leave your house to go out with your friends until you’d cleaned the entire house. Yes, I said girls, because you know how Nigerian mothers treat their sons like kings 😒. Anyways, my music was on really loud because that was the only way I enjoyed cleaning. I’m sure my flatmates were annoyed but half of the time they were never there and when they were there, they were busy having loud sex, leaving beer cans all over the kitchen or their boxers on the stove, so I didn’t care.

After I had finished cleaning and dancing around in my room, I went to brush my teeth and then went to make breakfast. I was in such a good mood, so I made myself a full English breakfast: eggs, toast, beans and sausages, I even had juice on the side😂. I took my well seasoned food to my room and sat at my desk and put on my laptop to watch Scandal for a bit. After resting for a couple of hours I went to have a shower, put on my make up and then started curling my hair.

The whole time that I had been cleaning I had been texting Tyrone, just general stuff about timing and the meeting spot. His Whatsapp picture was still a picture of a thumb *sighs* but I didn’t want to ask him for a picture. Veronica knew that I was going on date, but when she asked what he looked like, I wasn’t able to give her a clear description. All I could say was that when we met, he was dark-skinned, had a hoodie on and had a wooly hat down to his eyebrows. Remember, it was the middle of the night, I was being chased and plus I didn’t have my glasses on. Guys don’t judge me 😭😂.

Veronica had company of her own so I was trying to give her privacy, but at the same time give her updates because she knew that I wasn’t 100% sure on the date as I wasn’t sure of what he looked like. She was being very optimistic because he had a car and was in 3rd year lol. Back then everyone wanted a guy who drived and a guy that was older than them – a “mature man” 😂. Tyrone and I had agreed that we were going to meet up at 3pm, right now it was probably around midday so I still had plenty of time. In the middle of Tyrone and I messaging each other he uploaded his picture on Whatsapp.

I looked at his picture and zoomed in and out a few times and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. I never wore my glasses when I wasn’t in the library or lectures, and of all of the times it mattered the most, this was the time. I was slightly annoyed at myself because if I had my glasses on this wouldn’t have happened. I started taking my rollers out of my hair and messaged Veronica letting her know that he had updated his Whatsapp picture. I know it sounds shallow but he wasn’t my type at all. I don’t want to go into too much detail regarding his appearance but I knew that I definitely wasn’t going to go on the date to the cinema.

I immediately called Veronica and told her that I needed to speak to her in person. She lived on the floor above me in the same student halls, so with half of my rollers in my hair I ran upstairs to her room. As mentioned, she had company over but this was an emergency. I showed her his picture on my phone and waited for her reaction. Within seconds, she looked at me and bursted out laughing.

Veronica showed Tyrone’s picture to the company she had over. He didn’t laugh but his facial expression said enough for me to understand what he was thinking. I knew for a fact that I was not going out to the cinema with him but I didn’t want to be horrible about it. There were 2 ways to approach this, do I go on the date and lead him on or just gently ghost him ?

As I was sitting talking to Veronica about what excuse I could give to him on why I wouldn’t be able to attend the date, he messaged me saying there was a change of plans. Change of plans??

It was a few hours to the time we were meant to meet, what was he was going to say.

Tyrone – “Hey Tayo, there’s been a change of plans”

Me – “Hey Tyrone. Ok, what do you mean?”

Tyrone – “I’m running late and I won’t be able to make it on time for the cinema”

Deep down inside I was so relieved because I didn’t want to go in the first place. Phew😅 ,did this mean that I didn’t have to lie to him ?

Tyrone – “Yeah, so I’m thinking to just come to yours and chill”

Lool I knew it was too good to be true 😂🤣. I had just messaged this guy a couple of hours ago and he said he was at home watching TV. The thought of him being close to me or him possibly leaning in for a kiss made me so uncomfortable. At this point I was still in Veronica’s room so I looked at Veronica and showed her his message. Again, Veronica started laughing so much she started to cry. Veronica and I had caught on to what he was doing, this was probably his plan all along. I wasn’t surprised as this is what guys did in our university. There were so many other things that he could have suggested, either way I wasn’t leaving my accommodation.

Around 20 minutes had gone by and I still hadn’t responded to his message. I was taking long to respond because I couldn’t think of anything and Veronica was just laughing

I decided to brainstorm a few things I could say and finally found one that I thought I could get away with, but before I had a chance to respond, Tyrone messaged me again.

Tyrone – “??”

Me – “ Oh, I’ve actually started doing my friends hair, so I don’t think today would be good for me either”

I waited for a while waiting to see how long it would take for him to respond, but it wasn’t long at all as he responded back immediately

Tyrone – “Do you think you’ll be done by 8/9pm?

Me – “Ermm nah I don’t think so, maybe another time”

Tyrone – “👍🏾”

I’m not sure if he was annoyed or not but at least we both knew that the date wasn’t happening anymore. I wasn’t going to let my make up go to waste so I went to my friends house Melissa who lived across the road, and we went out to have dinner.

Time went on and I remember hearing a few things about him after.

I remember hearing that he hit a girl that was waiting for a drink at a bar. Apparently he came up behind her and began dancing on her and groping her and she pushed him off of her. He immediately punched her to the ground and knocked her out. No one approached him because apparently he was known to be a bit crazy.

A course mate of mine also mentioned how he was aggressive with her and tried to force his way into her student hall apartment.

My final encounter with Tyrone was when I was at a house party with Veronica and Savannah. Savannah was hugging me and whispered in my ear that he had just walked through the door. She was facing the direction of the garden door and I was facing the direction of the party so I couldn’t see him.

Savannah couldn’t hold it in and looked at him and started laughing. He came up to us and shouted at us saying. “WHAT THE FUCK IS FUNNY” I wasn’t even looking in his direction but a part of me felt he recognised me and wanted to take his anger out on me for canceling our date.

Savannah immediately said “nothing” with a strange look on her face.

I felt bad because I felt extremely shallow, but did I dodge a bullet? There were a number of rumours about Tyrone and it always involved him being aggressive or physically assaulting women.

A few months had gone by and I just got on with uni. The summer holidays were approaching so there were a few end of term raves that were happening and myself, Savannah and Veronica were going to attend 2 of them. Exams were done and we were determined to go out with a bang. We all started getting ready to go to one of the raves and were gonna meet a few of our friends at the rave. As usual, I started blasting out my music and began curling my hair. I put my outfit on and started drinking in my room waiting for Savannah and Veronica to make their way downstairs from their rooms for pre-drinks at mine.

We were all looking good and took so many pictures and videos or ourselves, making sure to get all of the right angles lol. I remember getting over 100 likes on my picture on Instagram, I made it 😂😂, celebrity status hahaha. After making sure that we were the right level of tipsy, we were just practising our dance moves in my room.

We walked to the rave and it was lit. We saw other students going to the rave so it was basically like a massive group of people walking together. Everyone was laughing, chanting and just having fun.

We got to the rave I saw some of my male friends, looking for girls to approach. We hugged them danced with them for a bit and then left them to do their thing. Veronica, Savannah and I decided to get some drinks at the bar and went back to the main floor to dance.

I remember needing going to the toilet, so I went by myself. I finished going to the toilet and went back to where I thought Veronica and Savannah were but I couldn’t see them. Great, we were separated, it didn’t help that I couldn’t see anything because I didn’t have my glasses on. There was about 1000 students in this club but I wasn’t that uncomfortable because I had other friends in the rave that I could try and find.

I made my way to the bar as there was more lighting there and I saw a group of boys in 2nd year turn their heads in my direction as I was walking past. I bought myself another drink whilst trying to scan the room, well squint for my friends lol, but I couldn’t find them. A lightbulb went off in my head and I thought about them possibly being in the smoking area.

I collected my drink from the bartender and turned around to walk towards the smoking area and a guy from the group of boys that turned their heads stopped me. He was attractive and very respectful and I’ll tell you why. He asked me what my name was and I told him, and he introduced himself as Femi. He asked if I would be attending the last rave of the year which was in 2 days which I was, so I said yes. I was a bit confused but didn’t think anything of it.

He explained that he was a bit tipsy and didn’t wanna ruin anything by saying something stupid but that he would come and find me in the rave in 2 days when he was sober. He hugged me and said bye and I went to the smoking area to find Veronica and Savannah.

Guess where Veronica and Savannah were? Yep the smoking area. We headed back to the main floor and danced some more until the rave was over. The DJ thanked everyone for coming and then the music stopped and the lights went on. There were hundreds of us trying to leave the rave at the same time and when we walked out the sun was coming out.

We ended up talking to our friends outside near a bench and a group of guys sat near us talking too. Savannah left to go and talk to a guy she was seeing, and our other friends left, so it was just Veronica and I waiting for Savannah to finish talking to her friend. Two of the guys in the group near us approached Veronica and I. The guy that was talking to me was called Akeem, he had long coolie hair which wasn’t really my thing but he was just asking normal friendly questions.

Akeem – “Whats your name then” as he gently nudged me with his shoulder

Me – “ Tayo, you”

Akeem – “ Akeem. Why ain’t you smiling you look angry”

It was around 4am in the morning and it was freezing. I was wearing next to nothing and was waiting for my friend as I wasn’t going to cockblock her. What was there to smile about?

Me – With a half heated smile, I said “No, I’m not angry. I’m just a bit cold and tired”

I could tell Akeem was cheeky because his facial expressions were hilarious and I could tell that he could handle banter

Akeem- “You sure? What kind of fake smile was that. You’re cute but I can tell you’re rude. Do you want to sit in my car while you’re waiting for your friend”

Me – I bursted out laughing and said “Rude?? No I’m just tired and no it’s okay I’ll just wait for my friend outside. Thanks.”

He had a really nice car and I’m not gonna say what car it was, because it would be so obvious, but I knew he was definitely trying to flex.

Akeem – smiling and laughing he says “Ah, so she smiles, finally”

We both started laughing and continued having general chit chat, e.g what we study, what years we were in, how we like the city etc

He asked to drop me home and I declined as he said that there was only space for me. He asked for my number to which I agreed to. Savannah was done so we left and began our walk home. As we were walking home who did we seeing driving behind us? Akeem lol .He was driving his car slowly next to us on the main road and talking to me outside of the window. It was about 5am in the morning now and there were no cars on the road so it was fine. His friends were all in his car too so we were all just having 1 big conversation, it was mainly just light banter.

I got home, had a shower and got into bed and Akeem messaged me to ask if I had got home safe

Should I have gone on the date with Tyrone? Was I being shallow? Do you think Femi ever found me? What do you think happened between myself and Akeem?

Leave your thoughts below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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