Yep, you read correctly guys *sighs* I never learn, do I? I got into university and there were so many good looking guys and boy was I spoilt for choice haha. I won’t mention the university that I attended because quite frankly I don’t want to end up with a ton of missed calls lol πŸ˜‚, but I will say that it was not the university of my choice. A- level results came out and surprisingly I done well, considering the fact that I was going through my first break up with Dami. My predicted grades were A*,A,B and those were the grades that I needed to get into my firm aka first choice university, I ended up getting B,B,B but I was happy with that because I’d be lying if I said that I gave my exams my all. In turn, my firm university offered me a different course but something that was similar to the course that I had picked. I had no interest in wasting 3 years of my life doing something that I was not passionate about, my heart was set on chemical engineering and that was what I was going to do, so instead I declined the offer and went to the university that I had chosen as my insurance. 

Veronica had also missed her first choice university by a couple of grades and ended up choosing the university that she had chosen as her insurance, which just so happened to be the same university that I had picked. Guys trust me this was not planned lol. We went to different colleges and often spoke about travelling to see each other in our different universities but I guess that didn’t go to plan. You know what that meant right? My sis and I were going to the same university. That summer I honestly worked every single day for the WHOLE summer and made a lotttt of money. I was doing 14 hour shifts back to back, going home to sleep for a few hours and then getting ready to go off to another shift. Who remembers working at Wembley Stadium in the food kiosks and Lords Cricket ground in St Johns wood πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ, so you guys definitely know what I’m talking about. Ahh memories…but yeah, I was getting PAIDDDD πŸ˜‚

So, September came and we were headed off to our uni, Veronica’s course started before mine so she went up a week before me. We lived in the same accommodation but on different floors, this was because we left accommodation to the last minute as we both thought that we would be going to our firm universities. We had to find somewhere to live, fast.

So remember I said I worked EVERYDAY and was picking up shifts back to back ? Well it was all because I was going to treat my self to a new wardrobe πŸ˜‚. I knew that my mum would give me money but I’ve always been quite independent and plus I wanted to slayyyy lol. I had bought bundles after bundles, new clothes and trainers…everything. Those were the days when girls wore 4+ bundles on their head..YIKES πŸ˜‚. My outfit for the first day was already planned, I had gotten a 24 inch bone straight middle-part weave and was going to pair it with trainers a tank top and a leather jacket, I was officially a uni babe. LOL you cant tell me that wasn’t the “uniform” for every black girl at university πŸ˜‚. No one could tell me nothing because I actually looked like a babe.

My mum drove me to my university and we started unpacking my things from the car and the first thing you hear was “Ahhh sister Lola”…Yep my mum saw someone who she knew, why wasn’t I surprised. My mum knew everyone *sighs*, anyway this woman was also dropping off her son who was staying in the same accommodation as me. We got introduced and that was it, his name was Yomi, remember him for later lol. My mum left and I continued to unpack my things and settle in, I unpacked my things, met some of my flatmates and people in my block and got invited out to a house party.

Veronica and I started getting ready and agreed to meet the other girls at the reception of our accommodation. Guys, the first day of uni for me was the next morning, but I felt like I deserved a night out (PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS πŸ˜‚). We got in a cab to the house party and there was a ton of people in the house and it was lit. I was dancing and met so many people, guys and girls, everyone was new and friendly so it was just a vibe. We partied until 7:30 am and my alarm went off at the house party 😳. I was meant to be getting ready for my first day of uni and I was in a house party, my mother would have killed me if she knew lol. I can hear her saying “Did I send you to uni to be going to a house party or did I send you to read your books” πŸ˜‚. Life is for living so anyway, I headed home and showered and went to the second half on my induction ready to meet everyone on course, while reminiscing of how good the house party was.

I finished getting ready and made my way to the second part of my induction, listen you guys know that I don’t play about….well not that muchπŸ˜‚. I was half asleep but I was still happy that I attended. People on my course were really nice and friendly and all the Nigerian people stuck together. There was a handful of girls on my course and we all got on, Daniella, Funke, Amanda and Bisi.  We had all decided to go to freshers week together and discussed what societies we would be joining. We went from table to table, signing up for societies, receiving flyers for raves and collecting goody bags. Freshers week was lit, we made sure to enjoy because we all knew that after freshers week was over, we would have to get serious when uni really started.

Freshers week was an absolute vibe, I was going to raves every other day, meetings for societies, house parties and met a lot of wonderful people. Freshers week had come to an end and even though I was going out regularly and meeting people, I was also about my books and developed the habit of going to the library to try and read ahead. I also had a thing of always looking cute, I guess we can thank Dami for that. My hair was always laid and my make up was also very cute and natural. I wasn’t a fan of the bridal make up that girls wore to uni everyday and plus I liked to sleep, so nobody had time to be waking up extra early to do makeup. I am naturally a happy bubbly person so I would literally go around university smiling and most people who were in 1st year were the same. Sounds creepy looking back on it but it made sense at the time.

I remember one time I was with Daniella, Funke, and Bisi and we were walking to our lecture hall. We saw a group of guys who we believed to be in 2nd and 3rd year who were handing out flyers for raves which was normal. We were almost at the lecture hall when we were approached by the guys who told us to come to the rave that they were promoting. The main guy who was on the phone knew Daniella from the area in London that they lived in so he gave her the flyer first. Basically with the flyer you could get into the rave for a discounted price. We had decided that we would go but he realised that he didn’t have anymore flyers. He was on the phone at the same time talking to someone about the rave so we were literally waiting for him, he could tell that we wanted to leave and asked us to give him a second.

There was another guy who was very quiet in the group, he was extremely good looking but looked like he didn’t talk much. Clearly I didn’t learn my lesson from Dami haha. He introduced himself as Richard and told Bisi and I that he would get us flyers so that we could get into the rave at a discounted price. He seemed nice and wanted Bisi and I to get into the rave at a discounted price because he asked for my BBM pin. We agreed that he would message me when to collect 2 flyers from him during the week on campus. He messaged me straight away on a professional vibe, we agreed on where to meet but kept on missing each other, he was all about business and seemed like he was always busy.

Anyway, days went by and we ended up not going to the rave so Richard just stayed as a contact on my BBM. One day I was walking back home from the library in the evening and as I was about to cross the road I saw a black guy walking towards me. I didn’t think anything of it as, 1 it was dark and 2 it looked like he was walking in the direction of the library which made sense as there was only one road to get to the library. I continued to walk past him and he turned around and yelled out “excuse me”.

It was Richard, I turned around and said “Oh heyyyyyy”, with extra vim because I remembered him from the other day. He asked me if I was a fresher and asked what course I was studying and called me beautiful. I was obviously flattered because Richard was a very attractive guy, seemed lowkey and got on with everyone from what I heard. I said thank you but was confused as he had seen me a week earlier and we had discussed about me meeting him for the flyers. At first I thought maybe he was just trying to be friendly, but he asked where my accommodation was, asked for my number and offered to walk me home.

I was confused and told him that we had already met. Guys he had no idea who I wasπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Maybe it was because I didn’t have a picture of myself as my dp but looking back on it that was probably a red flag right ?..YIKES.

We both started laughing and I explained to him that I was the girl with Daniella who needed the flyer that he was meant to meet for the rave that had just gone by. He apologised and proceeded to talk to me about the church he attended and how important it was to find a church. He hugged me and told me that he would message me to make sure that I got home safely.

I walked home and he messaged me about an hour later complimenting me and asked if we could meet up. He was very lowkey and I liked the fact that he spoke to me about Christianity and helped me build my faith. He could tell that I was a friendly person and commented on how warm I was and how easy he found it to talk to me. He never said anything inappropriate and always pushed me to stay on top of my grades, offered to study with me and expressed that he liked me and wanted to get to know me more. I’m sure you guys understand what I’m saying lol.

But it was all a lie, he was lowkey for a reason…

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