Hey girl, I just thought I would share my date from hell on the guy who called me fat, said I had dry skin and lied about his height lol. I was talking to this guy for a couple of months and it started out by him messaging me on Facebook. I looked at his profile and I feel bad saying this, but when I looked at his pictures I knew that he definitely wasn’t my type. I honestly didn’t think we looked like a good fit, but that was just based on attraction and the types of pictures that he had uploaded.

We carried on talking as he was persistent and I love that in a guy, it was so attractive to me. So I thought, maybe I was being a bit too shallow, maybe I should give him a chance and actually get to know him and judge him based on his character. I’m getting older, in my late 20’s and also Nigerian so I knew that I didn’t have time to waste lol. We chatted for a bit and he seemed pretty nice, I asked him a few compatibility based questions and he answered them very well. He seemed intelligent and I definitely found that attractive. He had two masters degrees and had passed the bar exam, he was also planning to do his PHD next and achieved all of this by 28 after relocating from Nigeria maybe 7/8 years ago.

His English wasn’t the best, but I liked the fact that he called and text me everyday. I noticed that he also couldn’t always follow the conversation, for instance, we would discuss certain topics and he would always go off on a tangent and make irrelevant points. I still wanted to at least try because I saw his potential. We spoke for a little bit and decided to go on a date, we had planned the location and time and agreed that we would meet in my city. The day of the date came and I noticed that he started to get irritated and snappy with me because he couldn’t find the restaurant, I gave him the benefit of the doubt as he had been travelling for long so I could understand if he was tired. He finally made it to the restaurant, but I couldn’t find him. I was looking around trying to find a 6ft1 black guy but he was nowhere to be found. After a few minutes of going around the restaurant, a guy tapped me on my shoulder and it was him and the first thing I noticed was that he was extremely short, like my height short and I’m 5ft5 lol. It definitely threw me off as I already felt that he wasn’t my type but him being the same height as me was a major deal breaker.

I was expecting him to give me a hug and for us to sit down and order food, but the first thing he did was complain about me wearing heels and told me that I should have worn trainers or flats. I honestly just wanted to get the date over and done with and go home because I tried to make an effort for him and he didn’t even compliment me or anything but instead just complained the whole time. It would have been better if he didn’t say anything at all.

After we finished having dinner we went to the cinema as we had already planned to go after. I paid for our cinema tickets as he paid for dinner and travelled to my city so I thought that would be the fair thing to do. We were going to watch a comedy movie so I thought that his personality would come out as he just complained the whole time during dinner. The movie had finished and we decided to go for a walk and talk about the movie and how dinner went which I thought was a good opportunity to get to know him more.

I kid you not, we sat down and were talking, and this guy looks at my feet and tells me that I have dry skin and that I need to moisturise more or get a better moisturiser. Girl, I was so embarrassed and I wanted to die lol . Yes I have dry skin but it was winter, we were near a pond and I had heels on. This idiot was literally looking at one part of my feet that was a bit ashy because the heel strap kept rubbing against that part of my skin. Also, I don’t understand why people point out things you can’t do anything about at the moment. I didn’t point out that his ears were not the same size, I didn’t point out that his arms were extremely long for his body, I didn’t point out that his neck was small and I also didn’t point out the fact he was shorter than what he told me.

Weirdly, he carried on pursuing me and telling me how amazing I was, I tried to be as open minded as possible as he was going to be staying in my city for the weekend. We had planned for him to come over and watch a movie at my apartment the next day, and again he had trouble finding my apartment. He started shouting at me and being snappy and at that point I realised, that was just how he was.

When he finally got to my place, I made us lunch and cooked Nigerian fried rice which he said was one of his favourites dishes. He finished his food and didn’t even say thank you or anything, he just ate, cleaned his mouth and complained about me not washing the pot I used to cook for us straight away, when I sat down to eat. He was so annoying. I’ve received a lot of compliments about my cooking so it was a really odd experience for me, imagine for someone to not even say if the food was nice or to say thank you but still lick the plate clean. He had no manners at all.

We were trying to pick out a movie on netflix to watch and at the time I didn’t have a netflix account and neither did he, so he was going to use his friends log in details to log in on my laptop. He had the details on his phone but struggled to put the username and password in. Instead of asking me he called this friend to ask for help which I felt was weird. The volume on his phone was loud and all I could hear was his friend saying ‘Are you an illiterate? Did you really go to school at all? Girl, I was howling 😹, he had so much pride.

He finally figured it out after a few painful minutes and we started to browse through movies to watch. As we were browsing on netflix I would suggest movies to watch and he would act like he didn’t hear me and keep scrolling, he did this for 5 times. He then picked a movie for us to watch that I wasn’t interested in, but instead of us going through more movies to see if there was something that we both liked, he decided to bring out his laptop to watch a Nollywood movie on youtube. So I ending up Netflixing by myself whilst he watched Nollywood movies. Imagine coming over to watch to a movie with someone you’re interested in, in another city and you guys end up watching different movies 😂😂😂, clearly that’s a red flag right?

I was thiisss close 👌🏾 to buying him a ticket back to his city. 

I think the last straw for me was when he told me to get up from MY sofa and told me to sit on the floor because he wanted to lye down and stretch his legs. He wasn’t even trying to talk to me, the person he came to visit. He brought out his phone and logged onto instagram and started looking at pictures of a girl and started to talk about how beautiful she looked. It didn’t stop there, he told me that I needed to loose weight so that I could look beautiful like her. I was gobsmacked because clearly this guy gave zero f**** about my feelings. He said I shouldn’t have ate the fried rice but should have had alternative, something that was “healthy”. He also said that I needed to dress like the girl in the pictures and kept on going on about how lucky her boyfriend must be to be with her.

The weekend was over and it was home time for him and I was so happy lol. He packed up his stuff I walked him to the bus stop and on the way there he tried to hold my hand. Lol it was awkward because I just crossed my hands and pretended I didn’t notice. When he got back to his city he messaged me to ask me why I didn’t kiss him lool. Huh ? Firstly he never tried to kiss me and secondly he told me that I had dry feet so what did he need a for kiss. Maybe he should go and find a girl with well moisturised feet and kiss her.

He continued to insult me about my weight and style of dressing so I blocked him and we never spoke again.

Story submitted by Lola from London

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