Dami tricked Tracey into getting an abortion and I’d be lying if I said that I was shocked. Dami explained to me that Tracey didn’t want to get one, and as a result he came up with a plan to deceive her. Do you know what he did? Well, being the true Yoruba demon that he was, he led her on and sold her false hope and fake promises. He told her that in order for them to be together, he needed to make money, he told her that they should wait a year or two for them to grow in their careers and then have kids. So, she aborted the baby thinking that they would still be together whilst working on bettering themselves individually. Things didn’t go as Tracey planned, as shortly after getting her abortion Dami disappeared and blocked her on everything. LOL I couldn’t believe that this was the guy that I was crying over, what a joke.

Dami – “Tayo, say something”

Me – “Erm…I have nothing to say” at this point I was so over this situation

Dami – “Nothing, seriously?”

Me – “Nope”

Dami – *sighs* “Alright then, since I can’t change your mind ”

Me – “Yeah, no you cant, bye”

Dami – “Alright, bye”

That was the last time Dami and I spoke until I was in university, and I can honestly say that I was fine with that because I was able to heal and forget about him completely. *Sighs* Hmmm, but you know what’s funny ? Talking about this just reminded me about Remi and her devilish ways. Remember Veronica had broke up with her boyfriend Mark a week before Dami and I had broke up? Well, I’m going to let you in on what really happened between the two of them. I know that this is blog is all about my dating life, but I need to fill you on this so that you understand how sick Remi was.

Back when we were all friends, so myself, Veronica, Remi and Angela, there was always a weird sort of tension between Veronica and Remi. Remi was just an evil person and I know that might sound harsh but what kind of person steals and lies to and on their friends for no reason. She had issues with EVERYONE and was always getting beaten up hahaha 😂. Angela knew how Remi was but never called her out on her behaviour, she would talk about everyone including Angela but Angela always stayed quiet and never stood up for herself.

Looking back on it, ladies please never stay friends will someone if you feel like they secretly hate you because the end result is never pretty, regardless of how long you have known them for. But anyways, during the time that I had completely cut Remi off, Remi and Veronica were still friends and had still be going out and basically just doing what friends do. Along the line, Veronica had found out that Remi had Mark as a friend on her BBM, this was strange as they had never been introduced, had no mutual friends and Remi only had him on BBM after she found out that Veronica and him were a couple. 🥴

The crazy part is, Remi didn’t even tell Veronica that she had Mark as a friend on BBM. For weeks, Remi and Veronica were still going out as friends, Veronica was still confiding in Remi about her relationship with Mark and Remi was still giving her advice. Normal things that girlfriends do right? One day Veronica was on her phone and found out that something dodgy was going on. Any guesses? Well, Remi had put Mark up as her dp on BBM, like her WHOLE ASS DISPLAY PICTURE… this chick was crazy. What kind of friend does that?, Like seriously ?

Veronica and Remi were still friends and hadn’t had any issues, so Veronica was confused as to why Remi was behaving this way. Think about it? You’re chilling at home and see YOUR man as your friend’s dp. Veronica was very outspoken and decided to ask Remi what she was doing and why she was using Mark’s picture as her dp, but Remi being the true liar that she was, lied and said that she had got his BBM pin from a broadcast list that was sent to her from a girl called Sarah that we all had on BBM. “Apparently” she added him from the list and they “clicked” and formed a friendship, she claimed that she had “forgotten” that he was Veronica’s man. Madam friendship lol 😂

Veronica obviously didn’t believe her as she also had Sarah on BBM and had not received the supposed “broadcast message”. Veronica decided to ask Remi to screenshot the broadcast message as proof, as Remi story was changing every 5 minutes, but of course Remi find a way to worm her way out of it. LOL Remi said that she had deleted the message by accident and so there was no proof that she could show Veronica and how there was no reason for her lie. Veronica wasn’t going to let it go so she messaged her boyfriend Mark and asked him if he knew Remi, in which he replied by saying that he had hundreds of people on BBM and had never spoken to anyone with the name Remi. Veronica was on a mission and so sent Remi’s BBM pin and a screenshot of him on Remi’s dp, again him being the true Naija demon that he was, denied it and started an argument making Veronica feel as though she was crazy. Ladies please be careful of this tactic lool. So, Veronica decided to let the issue go but started looking at Remi and Mark sideways.

A few weeks had passed and Veronica started to pull away from Remi and just continued along with her relationship with Mark. As I mentioned earlier, Veronica and Remi had this weird tension with each other so it was normal for them to talk and then not talk for a while. I’m sure Remi felt like something was wrong as she kept on trying to reach out to Veronica. She invited Veronica to go to a birthday party of a girl called Makaila with herself, Angela and Tracey, fyi, this was a month before I found out that Dami and Tracey had been sleeping together. Veronica decided to met them up to go to the party but wasn’t really talking to Remi and directed all of her conversation to Angela.

Remi knew that Veronica was giving her the cold shoulder and tried to fix things, but all she did was lie, it was exhausting. After the party Veronica and Remi’s friendship started to crumble, they were speaking less often and not meeting up as much. Veronica started to notice how Remi was behaving towards her, putting up the same status as Mark, indirecting her and just moving wayward so she decided to cut her off. Remi lied all the time, unprovoked, she was dangerous and everyone knew this. Angela noticed this too but never called her out on it, it was sad because everyone liked Angela she came across as such a sweet girl. Most people had a soft spot for Angela as they knew that deep down inside she was a nice person but didn’t have a mind of her own.

Days went by and Mark and Veronica seemed to just constantly fight, she didn’t understand where it was coming from, he would ask her the most random things that she knew he was getting from Remi, from family situations to exes. One day Veronica had enough and decided to tell Angela that Remi had been speaking to Angela’s ex, Brian and how she told Brian that Angela was a hoe and that he shouldn’t speak to her. Remi honestly just needed to be flogged because she definitely had a problem…urgh.

Veronica was introduced to Brian at Makaila’s party, he clicked with Veronica and saw that she was close with Angela at the party, he pulled Veronica to the side and asked her to tell Angela to be careful with Remi as he didn’t want to tell her or start any problems with Remi. At this point , Veronica didn’t care and told Angela EVERYTHING that Brian had told her. She told her to be careful with what she says and does around Remi as Remi clearly didn’t speak well of her, she also told Angela not to tell Remi what she had told her and expressed to her that even though they didn’t speak as much that she always had her back. Well, Angela being the person that she was, was unable to keep her mouth closed and this is what started the rest of this whole mess.

Yep, so Angela told Remi everything that Veronica had told her, and of course Remi denied it. Remi was now determined to ruin Veronica’s relationship with Mark. Surprisingly, Remi didn’t confront Veronica about what she had said to Angela, she obviously knew deep down that she had been caught out and no one was falling for her B.S. She knew that Veronica had completely cut her off and stopped talking to her so she hit her where she knew it would hurt. I guess Remi won, as Veronica and Mark were having more problems and had broken up but were still on okay-ish terms. It is weird, because Mark was now randomly asking Veronica more things about her exes, things that she had never spoke to him about but had definitely told Remi about. It honestly didn’t make any sense, because no one did anything to her, she was telling Mark things way before Veronica and her stopped talking. When Veronica and Mark broke up Mark confessed and told her how he really met Remi, the truth always comes out people. Remi had really found him on Facebook and started to flirt with him to the point where she was able to get his BBM pin, now I’m not saying Mark is off the hook but where was Remi’s loyalty at. I guess girl code went straight out the window then.

Veronica was obviously disappointed but Mark and Veronica were cool. They had both moved on but everything changed one Saturday night. Veronica and I were on the phone gisting when she received a message from Mark.

Mark – “Roses are red”

Veronica being confused decided to message him back

Veronica – “huh, what are you talking about lol”

5 mins later she received a message from Remi

Remi – “Roses are red”

She got off the phone with me and tried to call Mark’s phone but Mark didn’t pick up. At this point Remi was already cut off so she didn’t respond to Remi’s message…she received another message from Mark

Mark – ” Are you thereeee”

Veronica – “What the hell, pick up”

5 mins later Veronica received a message from Remi

Remi – “Are you thereeee”

At this point, Veronica had already put two and two together and knew that they were together, she was disappointed and spazzed out and decided to message Mark back.


This clearly touched a nerve as all hell broke loose, Remi starting calling and texting Veronica’s phone immediately threatening her. Veronica never answered her calls or responded to her messages… air time baby lol. They say silence is the best answer for a fool right?

10 mins later, Veronica received a facetime call from Mark. Veronica picked up but by the time Veronica could ask him why he was being silly, guess who was laying in his bed naked, giggling … it was Remi.

Veronica couldn’t believe what she was seeing and hung up the phone. How low could Remi go, it’s like she didn’t want to see anyone happy.

Back to Tayo’s dating life in the next post, find out if Tayo the fresher falls for the university bad boy?

Question for the readers – Have you ever had a friend betray you ?

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