Things moved fast, and I mean really fast, I needed to get tested asap. Veronica and I had planned to go to the sexual health clinic that Saturday just to give me peace of mind, funny right? The Saturday that I was meant to be spending with my boyfriend turned out to be the day that I went looking for a clinic to go to *sighs*. It was such a scary feeling, I didn’t know how to feel and I felt sick. I didn’t know anything about sex or sexual transmitted diseases and I thought the worst, I honestly thought I was going to die. I remember staying up late on the Friday night and googling pictures of what chlamydia was and the long term affects it had if it wasn’t treated. At one point I thought that I could just ignore getting tested and hoped that it would miraculously go away. I knew that wasn’t practical and the tears rolled down my face, had I really just let someone ruin my life?

I woke up super early on that Saturday and Veronica and I decided to look for a clinic far away from our area to avoid getting noticed by anyone. I was so paranoid that an aunty would see me and tell my mum, you know how Nigerian aunties are…NOSEY. We walked inside the clinic and saw about 6 people sitting in the waiting area, we walked straight to the receptionist and I started trying to whisper about why I was there lool. Wrong move, the receptionist was a Jamaican woman and she had a loud voice. I was mute and froze, Veronica jumped in and told the woman why we were there, she gave us two clipboards with forms to fill out as Veronica decided to get tested that day as well.

We walked towards the waiting area and filled in our forms, I was nervous, and my hands were sweaty. I was so scared, I couldn’t even put down my real name on the form for fear that it could somehow come back to me, so I put my name down as Ruth lool. I filled in the form and then handed it back into reception and waited patiently to be called.

My phone had been ringing for the whole day and I never answered it as I had a feeling that it was Dami. Knowing it was him made me angry, I felt rage and I definitely saw red. Veronica had told me to answer his call because at this point he was messaging her on BBM everyday asking for her to speak to me and I’m sure she started to get annoyed, so I picked up.

Dami – “Hello, T please listen to what I have to say”


Dami – “Please, I’m sorry, please”

Me – “Sorry for what ? after everything. You promised you would never hurt me.” At this point my voice started to crack and I could tell that I was 2 seconds away from crying. There was no way I was going to let him hear me cry or for him to see how broken I was and I definitely wasn’t going to cry in public too.

I hung up the phone and deleted him off of everything and 2 mins later Veronica got a message on BBM from Dami. He wrote her a message asking for her to talk to me and for her to tell me how sorry he was. It was a mistake he said.

LOL a mistake that happened multiple times? … abeg save it

Veronica told him that we were at the clinic so he asked her to call him when we were done, in which I so quickly declined…BOY BYE. There was no coming back from this.

Anyways, my name was called out and I walked towards the nurse’s room. So, I knocked on the door and walked in to meet with the nurse that was about to do my test…guys it gets worse. *sigh* It was a middle aged Nigerian woman, like an aunty lol. Why was this happening to me? She could tell that I was nervous, not only was I nervous because of a disease that I could potentially have, but I was nervous because I knew that she was probably thinking what is this Nigerian girl doing here haha 😂. Probably thinking this girl must be wayward, who are her parents lol…the judgement was REAL.

Urgh, I just wanted to get this test over and done with. The test was super quick, she gave me a small cup to pee in. I went to the toilet to pee in the cup and came back out, she saw that my eyes were watery and held my hand. She told me that everything would be fine and took the cup off of me. She gave me a few leaflets and told me that I would receive a text letting me know what my results were.

That was it then, I thanked her and walked out. Veronica had finished her test before me and was sitting in the waiting area. She hugged me and then we went back to my house. On the way back to mine we went to my local Tesco Express and got some snacks as we were just going to watch some movies and chill. We were approaching my street and I knew that I had to snap out of whatever I was feeling because I knew that my mum would ask me questions. It was so weird because the whole day I was seeing pregnancy and STI adverts, does that ever happen to you? You could be thinking of something and then all of a sudden you see it everywhere.

Anyways, we got to mine and realised that my mum had gone out, I was so relieved. We put on a movie and I could see from the corner of my eye that Veronica was staring at me every now and then. I could tell that she was worried but didn’t want to bring anything up that would set me off crying. The whole time the movie was on, I was day dreaming, thinking about my results and what if…damn how could I be so gullible, so stupid. The movie had finished and I got up and walked towards the toilet, Veronica had quickly called out my name so I stopped and asked if she was okay without turning around and facing her. She got up and stood in front of me, she hugged me and I just bursted into tears.

Days go by and I’m slowly getting used to not talking to Dami, I’m getting used to the fact I’ve lost a friend and relationship, getting used to the fact that he has a baby on the way with someone I know. It was coming up to the 2 weeks mark of when I was to receive my results from the clinic and I started to get more and more nervous.

The day finally comes and I get the text from the clinic and I click into my messages. I remember closing my eyes and saying a little prayer, I remember telling God that if he comes through for me now that I will never ever have sex again. I know you guys have done something like that before, you do something wrong and then promise God that you’ll never do it again if he helps you 😂

I opened the message and BOOM..guys I DIDN’T HAVE IT, WOOP WOOP !!! I was so relieved, I promised myself I would never ever have sex haha… well not until marriage 👰🏽💍

A day had gone by and I was feeling a bit better, still heartbroken but happy at the fact that I didn’t have a disease. I think Dami had remembered the time from when I was at the clinic to when I should have received my results, as I got a call from an unknown number that evening. I answered the call and it was Dami, no surprises there then.

Dami – “Hello, it’s me. T please don’t hang up”

For some reason I was in a better mood considering the news that I had just got so I didn’t hang up

Me – In a very soft tone I replied “I wont, what do you want?”

Dami – “Have you got your results back?”

Me – “Yes, I have” … I was being extremely cold on the phone

Dami – “Sooo…”

Me – “I don’t have it”

Dami – “Ahh, thank God, I’m happy that you don’t have it. I’m getting my results back tomorrow”

I was silent on the phone because I really had nothing to say, there was no coming back from this.

Me – “Oh okay”

Dami – “Tayo”

Me – “Yes”

Dami – “Please, give me another chance. I know I messed up but I only told you because I knew that if you had Chlamidyia, it would have affected you much worse than me”

At this point I remember laughing on the phone but it was an evil laugh, because I couldn’t believe how crazy this guy was. Chance ko, chance ni (my Nigerians understand lol)

Me – “No Dami, I will never EVER get back with you and I can promise you that”

Dami – “I knew I should have never told you, I should have quickly checked to see if I had it. Please I’m sorry, remember all of the good times that we had”

Me – “No Dami, honestly stop it.” Surprisingly I was extremely calm about everything, I didn’t want him to beg me, I honestly just wanted to move on with my life. I wasn’t the kind of girl who had the energy to be going through my boyfriends phone all the time, asking him where he was and who he was with. I couldn’t and I wouldn’t.

Dami – *sighs*, “Please”

Me – “Are we done here? Because I need to go”

Dami – “Alright, I’ll call you later or something”

Me – Bye 

I’m not going to lie guys I was upset, but I knew that this was the right decision. From this situation I can honestly say that I changed from being the innocent bubbly girl in the world to having this emptiness about me. I still have it till this day, I let people in but not all the way in, just because I don’t ever want to feel that way again, every single guy after him has mentioned this to me, but I’m working on it.

So, I decided to do what I do best and buried my self into my books and studied all the time. My A-level exams were coming up and I knew that this would determine my future, and I damn sure wasn’t going to let a guy ruin that. I was in the library every single day and I used the energy I had to go harder, I knew that I wanted to be successful and I knew what I needed to do to become that. My routine was pretty much the same everyday, college, library and home to study some more. I’d be lying if I said that what I was studying was making sense. My mind would often wonder and think about all the good times I had with Dami and even what he’d be up to now, and of course who with.

Did he cheat on me the whole time ?, Was everything a lie? Was he with another girl now ? Is she pretty? , Is she smart ? Oh well there was no way of finding out because I had blocked him off everything as I felt like this was the quickest way to heal and forget about him 

I started to get on with life again, and slowly but surely my life seemed to be going back to normal. I had a friend called Valentine who told me he had feelings for me, he was a very good looking guy but at the point I was not even considering anything like…that’s a story for another day lol 

Veronica would check up on me as much as she could, but at one point I shut her out too, even when she would come over, I was there but wasn’t there at the same time, I was in my own little world. Veronica blamed herself a lot for what I was going through, because she encouraged me to give Dami a chance. Veronica was a hopeless romantic so I know it wasn’t malicious, she just wanted to see me happy, that’s what every friend wants for their friend, true love and happiness right?

Dami and I stopped talking completely until he randomly called me out of the blue to tell me what his results were. I’m not an evil person and by no means did I ever want him to have it but I was a bit confused as to why he felt the need to tell me. He told me that he didn’t have it and I congratulated him. Lool I mean, what else could I have said. He then proceeded to ask me if we could get back together since he didn’t have it

LOOL guys please laugh with me….the audacity…the temerity 

Can you actually imagine ?

I never brought up Tracey’s name before but I couldn’t believe his boldness. I simply told him that he needed to leave me alone and that he needed to go and get ready to look after his baby that was due. The dynamic that we had was completely different to what we had before, we never joked or laughed and Dami was very careful with what he said to me, because he knew I was ready to blast him at every opportunity. Dami cleared his throat and I could tell that he was dying to tell me something.

Dami – “Tracey aborted the baby because I didn’t want to be with her….”

I paused and didn’t say anything on the phone, find out what happens in the next post. Oh and by the way, Remi the catfish is back.

Question for the readers – What would you have done in a situation like this ? Would you have taken him back?

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