So a year had gone by and we were all in college now, Veronica had recently got into a relationship with a guy called Mark from south London and was basically in love lol. I don’t blame her at all because Davids house was becoming really boring, same faces, same conversations, no growth etc. Dami and I still spoke often but just as friends, every time we spoke he asked me to be his girlfriend and every time I said no just because I didn’t want to mess up our friendship

Remi and I drifted apart and stopped talking completely. Shock?…nope. None of Davids friends liked her, she was always in mix-up and was always talking about me. Anyways, my issue with her was that I saw another side to her that I had never seen, she started stealing money from me, trying to bully me and trying to embarrass me in front of people….UNPROVOKED!

It started to become a regular thing of people telling me to cut her off. For months random guys and girls that I saw in David’s house were always coming up to me to tell me all of the negative things Remi was saying about me. I just had enough at this point, what on earth did I do to her ? I gave her everything I had… I was DONE.

She wasn’t a serious person at all and tbh I felt like I was always pushing her to make something of herself. I would help her with her coursework, push her to go to the gym and even share my EMA money with her. Yep, who remembers EMA lol ? My breaking point was when Veronica had come to tell me more things that Remi had said about me and my family and at this point I had completely washed my hands of her and left her to wander the streets like a vagabond that she was.

Remi and Veronica still had a friendship and tbh I was okay with that, Veronica and I were solid so I didn’t care. Veronica would tell me a lot of things that Remi had said about me – things that were not true so it got to a point where I just told Veronica not to bring up her name around me. Meanwhile I was keeping all of her dirty little secrets, some which have never left my mouth to this day. I think that confirmed everything for me, for me it confirmed that I had made the right decision by cutting her off.

Veronica and I went to different college’s and occasionally met up, we were both studying A-level maths so would meet up to study from time to time. Dami and I communicated everyday, from texts to phone calls and Skype video calls. Nothing was forced and everything flowed, just two friends talking to each other innit, lol.

Dami and I spoke every night and every time Veronica came over I would be on the phone with Dami for hours. Veronica would just roll her eyes and laugh at me and then go and talk to her boyfriend Mark about how I was just talking to my “friend”. At this point I couldn’t deny the feelings that I had started developing for Dami, one thing that stuck out for me was that even though I was a tomboy I liked the fact that Dami found me attractive and never tried to change me. He always told me that I was beautiful and to not wear makeup like all of the other girls that were always at David’s house.

Veronica and Dami had a good relationship, Veronica had a little thing with David in the past and Dami would tease her constantly about her still fancying David. Anytime I was with Veronica, Dami would always ask to speak her and would beg her to talk to me to agree to be his girlfriend. It was cute but the answer was always no until one day Veronica sat me down and asked why I didn’t want to give Dami a chance.

I wasn’t someone who liked talking about their feelings and I always tried to change the subject whenever I felt vulnerable. It worked on some people but Veronica knew me like the back of her hand, she would often ask me questions regarding my dad which she knew maybe had a connection with me not wanting to talk about the feelings that I had for Dami. Like I mentioned before, I didn’t have a relationship my dad and it hurt even though I was good at pretending that I didn’t care. One of my most painful memories was when I was walking home from secondary school one day and he walked right past me and couldn’t recognise me. I froze and felt my throat closing up… How embarrassing ? My own dad couldn’t recognise his own daughter. The first man that I loved that was meant to love me back, abandoned me and has never looked back. No phone calls.. nothing. My mum worked extremely hard to provide for us, but because she worked so hard, she was never really there for us emotionally and that’s not to blame her for anything but we didn’t really show love in our household, no hugs, no “I love yous” but I knew my mum loved me and would do anything for me. So, you see, what kind of person would you have expected me to be?

Anyways back to the story , Veronica knew this and helped me with expressing myself, she never let me wriggle my way out of these conversations…EVER.

One day Veronica came to my house and was sick and tired of me rejecting Dami even though I spoke about him 24/7😂

Veronica  – “ Stop being silly man, he’s been asking you out for months do you not find him attractive ? ”

Me – “ Umm…yeah he’s good looking ”

Veronica – “ Then what is the issue, give him a chance, he seems like a nice guy ”

Me – *laughing* “Nothing, I just think we’re better off as friends” 

Veronica – “ Stop being silly, call Dami now” 

Me – *laughing* “And say what ?”

Veronica “ Tell him you’re ready to take him seriously and be his girlfriend ”

We looked at eachother and laughed for a few minutes , how on earth was I going to bring it up to him when I had just got off the phone to him. YIKES

We decided to go through how I wanted the conversation to go with Dami and make sure that I was ready for whatever came up in the conversation. After about 20 minutes we were set to go, I picked up the phone and called Dami, the phone started ringing and I was hoping Dami didn’t pick up. I’m sure you guys can tell I was super shy and awkward ?

He picks up and I take a deep breath

Dami – “ Yoo babes” omg his voice was so deep 

Me – “Hey Dami, how are youuuuu” I don’t know why I was dragging my words, I do this when I’m nervous

Dami – *laughing* “Tee why are you being weird”

Me – “Nothing, just wanted to see how you are” *laughing*

Dami – “ You miss me already haha” (we had just got off the phone – HELP ME LOL)

Me – *laughing* “No” 

Dami – “Are you su”. I cut him off 

Me – “Basically you know the question that you always ask me on the phone about me and youuuu yeah?”

Dami – *laughing* “Yeah , have you decided ?”

Me- “Yes and the answer is yes” 

Dami – “You’re gonna be my girlfriend”

Me – “Yes*

Dami – *laughing* Why have you changed your mind all of a sudden”

Me – “Basically, I was just having a conversation with Veronica and she just made me realise that I do like you”

Dami – *laughing* “Really, is Veronica still with you”

Me – “Yes”

Dami – “Put me on loudspeaker, THANK YOU SO MUCH VERONICA, I OWE YOU”

Veronica – shouting from across the room “No problem Dami, you better treat her good” *laughing*

Dami – “Don’t worry, I will. So can I take my girlfriend out then”

Me – “ Yeah” with the biggest grin across my face

So that was it then I couldn’t believe that I was someones girlfriend *screaaamsss*

We would see each other every week and it was cool, no pressure nothing. It was so natural and I must say, felt good. Dami knew that I was a virgin even though I never told him, he told me that he could tell from the first day that he met me. At the beginning he never pressured me to do anything but over time we were losing our spark and this is where all the trouble began. He would start telling me to wear make up and weave and always tried to have sex whenever we met up. This wasn’t the Dami that was my friend who I laughed on the phone until 5am to, but to make him happy I started wearing weave and looking more girly. Remember I told you that Remi and I drifted apart ? Well, when she found out that me and Dami were a couple she made it her mission to destroy the relationship. Dami knew that I had drifted apart from Remi but I didn’t really go into detail, maybe because deep down I still had love for her … I don’t know

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