Anyways, school was back, and we had all started preparing for our GCSE exams that were coming up. I wasn’t going out as much and I was spending most of my time in the library. I had a friend in secondary school called Veronica who I had started to become really close with, we hated each other from Year 8 – Year 10 for such a stupid reason but we became cool again when we were both put into top set for Maths and English. Veronica was also Nigerian but was Edo, she looked like a model, high cheekbones with a slim figure. I introduced her to Remi and that was the squad: Myself, Remi, Angela and Veronica. Our friendship group was cool because we all got along and were always out having fun.

Our GCSE results were coming out and we were all scared, I couldn’t sleep and was always on the student room portal trying to work out my results based on the answers that people put up on there. RESULTS DAY was finally here!!! I woke up super early and messaged the girls asking them what time would they would be going to collect their results and Remi and Angela said that they would be going in the afternoon. Veronica and I got to our school at 8am and opened our envelopes together, I couldn’t believe how well I had done, I honestly cried tears of joy. Veronica did well too, we both got A’s and B’s and were finally going to be college babes.

We called up Remi and she said she was on her way to pick up her results with Angela, so Veronica and I decided to make our way over to their school. There was so many boys and girls crying, looking so distraught and the energy was completely different from our school. We finally got to the room that Remi and Angela were in and tried to quickly find them. After pushing through so many parents, teachers and young people we found them sitting in one corner. Remi looked pissed off, but Angela looked happy, I reached for Remi’s envelope which had her results in and discovered that Remi had failed! She had got U’s in everything. What was she going to do? What was her mum going to do to her? I didn’t know what to do other than to look at Veronica to say something to help the situation, Veronica just stared back at me, without saying a word, it was a really sad situation. Angela had passed and got the grades that she needed to get to go to her chosen college and so Veronica and I tried our best to still celebrate Angela’s results without making Remi feel bad. Around 20 mins had gone by and Remi’s phone started ringing, it was her mum, everyone froze and looked at each other.

I’m guessing Remi’s volume was on the highest as all you could hear was OLOSHI, ODE BURUKU and ASHEWO OSHI. Remi was extremely rude to her mum and called her mum an OLOSHI back. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I was scared for her. I don’t know what came over me, but I took the phone and reassured her mum that we would get Remi into a college today. Her mum thanked me and made me promise to help her and I did. For the whole day we were going up and down on the bus trying to find a college that would take her, time after time again the answer was no. We all got our phones out trying the find colleges that would take her, and we finally found one in South London. BINGO!!! we got her into a college, we were all relived. Remi had convinced Angela to change colleges so that they could be together. Now I’m all for supporting friends but Angela decided to stay behind an extra year and do a course she had no interest in just to be in the same class as Remi because Remi told her to. Would you do that?

So, remember how I was telling you that Angela was quiet and Remi would tell everyone that Angela wasn’t attractive? Well, Angela was well-known and knew a lot of guys in London and this was where I entered bad gang lol. We had just got our GCSE results and felt like big women because we would all be going to college that September. One day we were just chilling at a park and Angela decided to call her friend David. David didn’t live too far and he told us to come over and chill, so we all headed over to David’s house. We got to this estate and walked into the first building and up the flight of stairs. *KNOCK KNOCK* Angela knocked on the door and this 6ft3 Nigerian guy opened the door smiling for us to come in.

Now, Davids house was packed EVERY SINGLE DAY with guys and girls and it seemed to be the chilling spot. We got introduced to everyone and were at his house every other day since it was summer and we had nothing else to do. There were 4 main guys at the house: David, Jeffrey, Kayode and Dami all Yourba demons *cough cough*. These guys moved to every girl and slept with most of the girls that entered that house, all apart from Dami. Dami was quiet and kept to himself so I was intrigued, he was tall, dark and definitely weren’t missing any days in the gym lol.  

I made it my mission to get to know him and for him to come out of his shell, he seemed like such a mystery to me, a mystery that I was determined to solve. We became really close and always flirted with each other, but I didn’t really take Dami seriously as after getting to know him he came across like a player, he was nice but I still had my doubts I guess. Does that makes sense ? The Dami that I thought was quiet had become so forward all of a sudden, he let it be known that he liked me but I always played it down and told him we were better off as friends. We spoke everyday and he was basically my best friend, from telling him about my girl problems to helping him with his uni coursework since I was such a brain box 🙂

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